Workplace Presentations and Training - Kinetic Counseling
  • Procedural and policy assessments
  • Inter-agency conflict resolution
  • Strategic plan assessments
  • Board retreat programming
  • Volunteer support
  • Short -term clinical services
  • Supplemental group facilitation
  • Programming assessments
  • Board training and facilitation
  • Staff training and coaching
  • Cultural competency building
  • Organizational culture shifts
  • Leadership consulting
  • Communications assessments
  • Board and volunteer screening
  • Crisis management consulting

In addition to psychotherapeutic services, Kinetic Counseling offers training and seminars targeted towards awareness of mental health issues in the workplace as well as on techniques for improved communication and interpersonal effectiveness. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • The physiological effects of stress and how to manage them
  • The impact of trauma on your organization and its stakeholders
  • Addiction and recovery - a practical guide
  • Techniques for conflict resolution
  • Incorporating wellness and mindfulness into corporate culture

Individually Tailored Capacity-Building Services

KINETIC counseling - Movement through emotion.

Workplace Presentations and Training